Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did you see what I saw?

On Sunday, as my husband and I were watching the Super Bowl halftime show, there was a conversation stopper.  A familiar voice boomed from the surround sound and more or less demanded my attention.

Did you see it?  And, more importantly, did you see what I saw?

So engrossed in the two-minute announcement, I backed up the DVR and played it again, watching really closely the second time, admiring the ad’s nobility and purpose, the subtlety of the brand, and making sure I understood the intended message.

So how did I get it so wrong?

Within hours, the pundits were at work setting me straight.  Not only was the message not noble, Clint Eastwood was a shill for Obama … Chrysler was saying “thanks for the bailout” … And Charlie Sykes, a Milwaukee radio guy from whom I have come to expect such things, posted on his Facebook page, “Hey Clint, if it’s really half-time, can we get the $1.3 million back?”

According to the “experts,” what I was supposed to have seen – and somehow missed entirely – was a political ad clear and simple, asking voters to get behind our president for a second half, aka a second term.  I am so naive …

Upon further review, my call stands.

For me, it is “Halftime in America.” And instead of listening to the myopic perspectives coming from the right and the left with their “fog, division, discord and blame” it is time to find a way through this mess.  We can find agreement if only we will stop the blathering and recognize that we are on the same team.  Sitting on the sidelines cheering only for the offense, or only for the defense, gets us nowhere.  There’s time on the clock.

And this isn’t a game.

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