Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sunday Brunch

Last month when the Packers hosted the Cardinals at Lambeau Field, we went looking for a Green Bay brunch—a place where we could meet up with others headed to the game, have a great pre-game meal and maybe a Bloody Mary to wash it down.

White Dog Black Cat serves up my kind of Sunday brunch.

A funky, casual place where folks dressed for a football game will feel at home, White Dog Black Cat, 201 S. Broadway, is not too far away but just far enough from Lambeau’s pregame circus. No worries about getting caught in traffic.

Owners Holly and Cory have gone out of their way to make the place warm and welcoming—Holly’s artistic flair is on display inside and out—and the food tastes like it came from Mom’s kitchen but with an added helping of creativity.

Always up for trying something new and a connoisseur of eggs Benedict, I gave Chef Cory’s Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict a try.  Served up on cornbread with spicy hollandaise, this ain’t your mama’s eggs Benedict, and it hit the spot perfectly.

Those who lean toward the sweet side of things will want to try the Stuffed French Toast, thick bread stuffed with gooey cream cheese and strawberries.  Our friends went with the Frittatas. The portions were Wisconsin-sized—WDBC is definitely worth a day off the diet— the service was friendly and quick, and did I mention the Bloody Marys?

With names like Bubba, Badger, Hometown, Pot O’ Gold and Tiqler, and featuring both traditional and non-traditional Bloody Mary recipes, our group ordered one of each and we tasted them all. (It’s a close group.)

No one was disappointed. In fact, I’m heading back for dinner this week as we begin a slate of holiday get-togethers. WDBC Sunday brunch was as good as I’ve had anywhere, and that includes a few white tablecloth, upscale, urban establishments.  If you’re partial to fun and funky, and you like creative home cooking, you’ll love WDBC.

201 S. Broadway, Green Bay, WI, 54303

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