Monday, March 10, 2014

When I grow up ...

It was during a recent trip to the grocery store that I began thinking sincerely about the sort of old person I hope to become.  “Old person”—what exactly is that anyway?  Driving into the store’s parking lot, I noticed a lady that I presumed to be in her mid-70s or older parking her car near the store’s entrance.  Though she was a very attractive, white-haired, impeccably dressed woman, what really caught my eye was her ride.

And it wasn’t just me that noticed.  A young couple stopped to chat with her as she got out of the car, gesturing as the three of them admired the car’s “makeup.”  They'd disappeared inside the store by the time I found a parking spot and I made a mental note to look for the car’s owner while I went about my shopping.

I never did find the lady car's owner but you gotta love her attitude.  She’s connecting with people in a way that we rarely connect these days, and she's making a statement, one that will only bring happiness to everyone she meets, making a frozen Wisconsin day seem a little bit warmer.  

I hope we cross paths again.  I want to be like her when I grow up.

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